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NJ Nets:



Today was the best last day of the season I have EVER had!
After landing in Geneva on the 21st to attempt a first descent ski BASE on Mt Blanc around the 23rd, 24th ,or 25th, we decided to abord the mission because of late snowfalls, HUGE avalanche danger and bad access roads. On top of that, the approach (due to conditions) would have taken 2 days for one side and 3 days for the other.
And, as great things are often unexpected, I got a call from Matthias Mayr (Elan team manager) and Matthias Haunholder (Atomic team pro skier and top 5 on the world freeskiing tour) to come ski the Eiger!
After doing a quick google map, we figured out that it is only a 3hrs from my place in Megeve.
Pointless to say I was on the road the next day…
As I arrived, Matthias and Hauni were skiing on the glacier which they accessed by plane so I drove to Lauterbrunnen, one of the best BASE jumping spots in the world, met with some local jumpers and did 2 jumps off a 500 m cliff (1500ft).
Matthias and Hauni came back from skiing at 6pm and the game plan for the next day that we came up with was a helicopter ride to the Eiger and do a ski BASE jump from the west wall straight into the North face!
Last thing I know, I am standing on the Eiger with a 50+ degree slope, icy snow, avalanche debris everywhere and cameras rolling in the helicopter. The skiing was tricky and not forgiving. This is the biggest NO FALL zone I have EVER experience but also one of the coolest runs. I ended up sending a pretty sizable frontflip off it and landed all the way back at the train station!
Our guide (Martin) who is also a BASE jumper decided to check out a cliff called La Mousse after the Eiger so we repacked our parachutes at the train station and jumped the 1500ft cliff to get back down in the valley. After a solid jump, Martin looks at me and says: “let’s go jump the High Ultimate, it is the biggest cliff here 2200 ft with a positive rock on top to jump from that you have to clear. A few people have died there but just give a good push when you jump to clear the ledge”.
So, we packed out rigs for jump #3 of the day and one of THE best cliff in Switzerland. 10 minutes later (by cable car) we are on top of the cliff and ready for 30seconds of freefall…
I am happy. That’s all I have to say. Life ROCKS. You can check out a little slideshow that the Austrians put together by using the link below.

Oh and yeah, we were of course shooting for a new ski movie/ documentary called Up and Down so make sure to get a copy when it comes out!

Matthias Mayr’s Blog:


After heliskiing for a week in Iceland, we took off for the Lyngen Alps in Norway. We had issues leaving Reykjavik because of the volcano but we eventually got to Oslo a day later took a connecting flight to Tromso.
Since we had time to kill in Reykjavik, the Icelandic national news wanted to meet up and put a segment together. You can check it out at the following below.

We are now 70 degrees north and 600 km past the artic circle. As we arrived, the warm wind made everything slide and the avalanche danger is off the chart! We decided to ski some low angle stuff but even then, we would sink up to our chest in rotten snow…
Graham Austick, owner and operator of the Lyngen Lodge ( took us by boat one hour north and we found the good stuff! 3000ft straight to the sea with the midnight sun… I have never seen a scenery like this and we skied amazing snow with a constant fall line straight to the boat.
We celebrated with a 4 am dive in the 5 degree water in the Fjord and drank some beer during the boat ride back.
This was the only day (or night I should say) we got here. The weather moved in and we cannot shoot or ski anymore. Rain, fog and wind ruined the conditions and mean no ski BASE jumping off the 1500 ft cliff 45 minutes from the lodge…
We are leaving on the 20th and I will be in Geneva on the 21st to prepare the last adventure of the season – ski BASE jumping on Mt Blanc. The weather is supposed to clear around St Gervais/ Megeve/ Chamonix on the 20th and I am hoping things will go according to plan.

This whole trip has been very challenging but also rewarding. We had to stay positive and optimistic but in the end, we got the shots.

Icelandic News: 


The last few week have been hectic. A trip to the NW with bad weather partner from Montana to Oregon with no chance of shooting, back in Utah to try to get some BASE jumping but the wind wouldn’t stop blowing but finally, I got to Iceland with Grant Gunderson from The Ski Journal, professional skier Sven Brunso and ski journalist Dan K and we have been getting after it.
Over the last 3 days we have been skiing perfect untracked spring conditons (almost as nice as powder) and got to ski until pretty much 10pm everyday with the sun on the horizon.
We are very lucky to have such good weather. And to top it off, we had a full afternoon of heliskiing today with 6 drops and 5 first descents with Arctic Heliskiing and the help of our guide Jokull Bergmann.
We got to name all of them and got some great shots. Bad weather is moving tonight so since we have it all is the can, we are going to check out the local brewery and hang out at the hot springs!

This country is amazing and this is a one in a lifetime experience. From eating whale steak to skiing virgin peaks, this trip has been very intense and overwhelming.
We are going back to Reykjavik on the 13th to do an interview for the national news normaly and then we are off to Norway to tour the Lingen Alps and hopefully get some ski BASE action!

Check out a little update from a few days ago that just got posted on The Ski Journal’s website.

The Ski Journal:


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to meet Jean-Guillaume Charrier -producer and host of the show Adrenaline on the French channel L’Equipe TV. JG is a very passionate journalist with a strong focus on extreme sports and wanted to air more ski BASE jumping footage.

As I have been playing around with my new GoPro Hero HD, I was able to get some sweet angles such as a ski POV of a ski BASE jump.

So if you would like to see what that looks like, just open the link below and check out the first segment!

L’Equipe TV:


Last week, the first ski BASE jump off Ingram Peak, in Telluride, CO went down! I was also being chased down by a speedflyer from New Zealand – Mark Simpson.

It took us 4 hours to skin up to the cliff and 1hr to scout out the edge. The snow was excellent around the exit point but quite shallow.

We tried to pack down a runway but the more we would pack it, the more rocks would poke out… So we decided to just ski it as it is and ski light to avoid catching an edge and tumbling down the face.

It wasn’t a sheer drop either so we had to “cheat” by carrying a lot of speed in order to get separation from the cliff and have enough room to open the parachute.

Plum TV was there to film the jump and we had 4 GoPro HD cameras. I had one on my ski tip which unfortunately came off right before hitting the cliff. Some lucky guy is about to find a brand new camera up Ingram peak once the snow melts…

I will be back on the road soon and will be in the NW most of April to film with Justin Wiegand from Nimbus Independent on Mt Hood and then head up to Rainier for a second attempt mid -April.

Then, it will be Iceland on May 4th, Norway on May 13th and Megeve (Chamonix) on May 21st for ESPN and The Ski Journal.

I also just got a new piece on the French show Adrenaline on l’Equipe TV and post the internet link as soon as it comes out so get your French dictionary ready!


I have recently started working with GoPro Camera and especially using the GoPro HD Hero. This camera is unbelievable – small, light, great picture quality and easy to use.

Utah was pretty dry until a few days ago so a few friends and I decided to go ski BASE jumping near Park City, UT. The snow was getting thin but we could still send it!

So, it felt like the right time to step it up before the snow was gone. After thinking about what to do and looking at the conditions, I felt very comfortable and confident to do a triple backflip. So, check out the link below to view the headcam footage.

A few days ago, a storm rolled in we got 19 inches of snow at Alta and surrounding areas. I got to shoot with Jonathan Cracroft for a day there and then headed to The Canyons on saturday. The conditions are epic right now and I am looking forward to playing more in the snow.

Stay posted for more updates soon!


Jean-Guillaume Charrier – host and producer of the show Adrenaline on the TV channel of the French magazine L’Equipe just aired the Aiguille Croche Ski BASE jump.

Jean-Guillaume was all fired up on the idea and the location. Nico Favre at Wildrush was kind enough to provide the images.

I will be back in France on May 20th to get another ski BASE jump in if the mountain cooperate! Until then, I will be spending time in Lake Tahoe, Southwest Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Iceland, Norway before ending back to the motherland.

This season is going well so far and I am super stoked. Also, make sure to grab the lastest issue of Snow Magazine and check out the story on Megeve, France – my home resort. Just got a full page in Skiing Magazine with photographer Grant Gunderson (February issue) and another one in Kiteboarder Magazine (March Issue) with Richard Hallman. Stay posted for more news!

L’Equipe TV:


Nico Favre and his brother Benoit from the French video production Wild Rush and I bagged the first descent and ski BASE off Aiguille Croche in the Alps on the 26th! Nico is editing the video and it will be available on very soon.
The day started very well with a beautiful blue sky. We did a first interview with the Aiguille Croche in the background. Afterwards, we had to take a big cable car to cross the valley to get to the other side and take the lift to access the correct side of the mountain. We take 2 chairlifts and arrive at the cable car and it tries to take off 5 times and comes back in the hangar. The guy tells us we have to take a shuttle.

After taking another lift, we get to the shuttle but all the people rushed into it, Both camera guys are in and the driver tells me: “sorry, no more room”. Thankfully, a guy is behind the shuttle and gives me a ride to the other side of the valley with his little Renault. The sky is getting a little milky by now and we start losing the light now. No wind is picking up however.

So, we take one more gondola, 2 chairlifts and the last lift to the top of Mt Joly is closed so we decided to skin up with our skis. But, the camera guys’ skins are old and keep coming off their skis. They end up boot packing up and we are already 1hr30min behind schedule.

We get to the top of Mt Joly from where we can climb the ridge to get above the face and we realize that the snow conditions will not allow us to travel fast and that there are 2 long uphill sections on the ridge. After another 2 hrs, we finally get to the spot. I find the top of the line and the camera crew is getting set up but by now it is 2 pm and the light is completely flat which means that we can’t see the hazards and shape of the slope very well which makes skiing the line very challenging.

To add to the challenge, the snow conditions were pretty unstable but just stable enough if you want to ski light and fast.

The camera is rolling. I give the guys the 30 second check and drop in. The snow is sloughing all over the place and I ski lightly so it doesn’t turn into an avalanche. I am getting into a tight chute and my skis are fighting the crust. I quickly realize that falling is not an option and it is turning into a you fall, you die situation.

I try to breathe and relax but the other issue is that I don’t really know where the edge of the cliff band is since I am blind skiing the line. Finally, I feel like I am getting closer and start pointing it. All of the sudden, that’s it, I am in the air and 600ft off the ground and all the slough from the top is falling next to me!

I am going so fast that the air is grabbing my skis and trying to flip me on my stomach but I manage to pull my chute and stay stable. Finally, the parachute opens and I am screaming like a madman and fly back towards the cliff to get a good look at it. It was just too incredible to just fly away!

But, it was time to think about a landing zone and I found a spot between little evergreens – smooth landing. I look at the cliff one more time to soak in the experience and call my family to let them know I am safe as well as my girlfriend.

It feels good to be alive one more time and to do another first. This was probably one of the most terrifying lines of my life and one of the most fulfilling and magical moments.

Nico Favre calls me on the radio, he is fired up, got the shot and it is sick!

So, in a nutshell, this was my experience! I want to do it again but we only had one day to make it happen since the weather turned bad again and the snow is now pretty bad.

After that, I came home to hang out with my family and drink champagne! It felt really good to be home again, conqueer my home mountain after cheating death across America and hanging with the whole family for the first time in 6 years. Good times for sure!
I am back in Utah on the 30th and will get back on the road towards Mt Baker and Mt Hood around January 5th. If the snow is good, Grant Gunderson and I found a nice drop at Baker but it will be minus parachute.
I hope you all had a great Christmas and I already wish you a happy new year! The video link will follow very soon!