I received an email a couple days ago from Isaac at Junior’s Cave for an interview. These guys are pretty cool and very passionate about extreme sports and other unsual activities.

You can see the interview by clicking in the following link: http://juniorscave.com/matthiasgiraud.html

I also added some BASE jump stills from Twin Falls and ski pictures from Mt Baker by Grant Gunderson. Go check them out in the Gallery!

It looks like snow has been falling in Europe. So, let’s keep doing the snow dance so we can get some in the US as well!


Miles Daisher and myself jumped off the Perrine
Bridge in Twin Falls, ID with a new type of camera. It is a 2360 camera that shoots every angle around you when you wear it. You can really see everything! Check the footage if you have a minute. Good times! If you click on the immersive media link, you can switch to every view just by using your computer mouse.
KATU TV: http://www.katu.com/home/video/26369334.html?video=YHI&t=a
Immersive Media: http://demos.immersivemedia.com/index.php?clip=BJ


Here is the trailer for the documentary produced by Dan Barth and Chase Ogden at Outdoor Storytellers and the ABC Network. The documentary is called “That Beautiful Moment” and it is based on the human story and adventure of the Engineer Mountain ski BASE jump which was a 4 year project. Check out the trailer by clicking on the following link and come watch the movie this spring!

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O_4BApMyrGo


After 4 years of preparation, it finally happened. I just did the first ski BASE jump off Engineer Mountain in Colorado.

This jump would not have happened without the help of Your Flesh Tattoo artist Roger Seliner, Ska Brewery, The Boarding Haus, Bubba’s Boards, 4 Corner River Sports and Pedal the Peaks. Thanks everyone. Here is the Durango Herald article. Stay posted for a youtube video soon as well as pictures!

The Durango Herald: www.durangoherald.com/…