Flying Off Mountains With a Ski-Base Jumper

Matthias Giraud, aka, “Super Frenchie” is an extreme athlete known for combining two of the most dangerous action sports in the world—big mountain skiing and BASE jumping. Ski-BASE jumping is not for the faint at heart, as athletes fly off massive cliffs while deploying their parachutes within mere seconds of landing. Matthias’s passion for the sport has taken him all over the world, from the Eiger and Matterhorn in Switzerland, to Telluride, Colorado. Now, he’s on the search for his next great adventure.


Heaven’s Eleven – The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

Superdry teamed up with radical BASE jumper, extreme skier and Superdry super fan Matthias Giraud for the newest Superdry Snow film – Heaven’s Eleven. Earlier this year, Giraud put the latest snow range to the ultimate test against the elements by BASE jumping off Heaven’s Eleven in Telluride, Colorado – a deathly challenge that Matthias was the first to complete. Follow all the action on #MySuperdry. See full collection here – men’s / women’s

Thule® Legend Series

Over the last year, I have been developing the Legend Series with Thule®.
The innovative GoPro® camera bags and cases made to help capture all your outdoor adventures!
The Legend Series will help you organize your GoPro® gear, get the shot and preserve your memories.

To know more about it, click on the link below and watch the video!