Here is the video from on the Europe Trip.
The show is called Bon Appetit. It is produced by Salomon and I had the opportunity to ski with MSP star Cody Towsend, the fastest skier on earth Cedric Pugin and some crazy Frenchies – Victor Galuchot and Fabien Maierhofer.
The video includes the first ski BASE off the Matterhorn. Probably the gnarliest ski BASE off my life and also biggest close call… but also the Aiguille Croche with an avalanche on our tail and the Argentiere glacier in Chamonix.
It is in French but you will get it I am sure!
All the images alone will make it obvious how scary and humbling it was…
Also, the trip allowed us to get a lot of images for my upcoming documentary entitled “In The Shadow Of Giants”.
Enjoy the spring pow!