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Matthias Giraud and Morgan Spurlock at Google Zeitgeist Americas

There is no one like Matthias. He hurls himself down mountains and off cliffs, on purpose! Seemingly insane, he is actually one of the most intelligent and thoughtful athletes I’ve ever met. His ideas on risk, passion and finding purpose are inspiring. He is a hilarious, jaw/dropping, Philosopher King who brilliantly lives life on the edge.

Sharyn Alfonsi, Correspondant, 60 Minutes

As a producer for National Geographic Television I recently completed a profile of extreme sports adventurer Matthias Giraud. On camera he grabs your attention with his passion for his sport and life. His enthusiasm is infectious, and he is captivating to watch whether jumping off a cliff or recounting his life’s experiences. Matthias is a great communicator and storyteller. He maintains a love for adventure and fun, while being thoroughly professionally in his work. He was helpful both creatively working in story development and also in completing legal contracts. I would look forward to working with him in the future.

April Chabries, Producer, National Geographic

Matthias rocks! Ok, so that phrase is over-used, but it couldn’t be more appropriate for an adventurer like this. It’s rare to find someone so out-going, ready-for-anything and just down right fun. He’s the ultimate professional when it comes to being interviewed on television. He knows exactly the sound bite to give that will actually be used in stories, he generates a genuine excitement in viewers, is loyal to his sponsors, and engaging. Not to mention the camera loves his charming French smile! I’m always hounding him to hurry up and take the next plunge on some crazy adventure because this guy is great for ratings!

Anita Kissee, KATU-TV Anchor, ABC Network

Matthias is one of the most passionate and energetic persons I have ever met, the energy he exudes is palpable and inspiring. He is so animated yet genuine. He has many stories, some hysterical and some very tense ones as well. His life experiences are amazing to hear. This is the type of person you want to listen to.

Rick Loughery, VP of Global Product Communications, GoPro
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