Last month has been filled with excitement! I got back on skis early January after a knee surgery and it felt like I was on skis yesterday. The snow conditions have been very inconsistent in Utah for the last month but I have been having a blast skiing.

Skiing is just RAD. No matter what happens in your life or what the conditions are, it always gets you fired up.

BASE jumping does the same for that matter! I have received a new rig actually from POKEWARE and I have been getting back on the horse and sending it! We have some fun projects lined up for this season as well and I can hardly wait to fly through the air with skis and a parachute…

In the meantime, enjoy this shot from ESPN Freeskiing and have fun in the mountains!

ESPN Freeskiing:

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  1. Sarah S February 16, 2011 at 3:46 am

    first visit and just wanted to stop by and say hi!.

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