The Columbia Gorge marks the separation between the state of Washington and Oregon. It is a beautiful and charismatic place where water meets mountains with Mt Hood in the background.

After plotting a wingsuit jump from a paraglider in the Columbia Gorge with Flystyle, one of the best paragliding schools in the country based out of Portland, we realized a crossing from Washington to Oregon would be possible.

After a few flights and attempts in order to figure out the necessary altitude, we were successful. Flystyle pilots Daniel Randall and Justin Boer established a take off point for the motorglider on the banks of the Columbia River on the Hood River side. After 30 minutes of flying, we climbed to an altitude of 2900ft above White Salmon on the Washington side.

The exit with the wingsuit was quite tricky and required a double frontflip in order to build up enough speed to get the winsguit flying.

After an approximate 40 second flight and a mile in distance, we were able to land safely on the bank from which we took off and therefore establish a new first by crossing the Columbia Gorge with a wingsuit without using an airplane.

Here is the video of The Super Frenchie Diaries Ep5!