After heliskiing for a week in Iceland, we took off for the Lyngen Alps in Norway. We had issues leaving Reykjavik because of the volcano but we eventually got to Oslo a day later took a connecting flight to Tromso.
Since we had time to kill in Reykjavik, the Icelandic national news wanted to meet up and put a segment together. You can check it out at the following below.

We are now 70 degrees north and 600 km past the artic circle. As we arrived, the warm wind made everything slide and the avalanche danger is off the chart! We decided to ski some low angle stuff but even then, we would sink up to our chest in rotten snow…
Graham Austick, owner and operator of the Lyngen Lodge ( took us by boat one hour north and we found the good stuff! 3000ft straight to the sea with the midnight sun… I have never seen a scenery like this and we skied amazing snow with a constant fall line straight to the boat.
We celebrated with a 4 am dive in the 5 degree water in the Fjord and drank some beer during the boat ride back.
This was the only day (or night I should say) we got here. The weather moved in and we cannot shoot or ski anymore. Rain, fog and wind ruined the conditions and mean no ski BASE jumping off the 1500 ft cliff 45 minutes from the lodge…
We are leaving on the 20th and I will be in Geneva on the 21st to prepare the last adventure of the season – ski BASE jumping on Mt Blanc. The weather is supposed to clear around St Gervais/ Megeve/ Chamonix on the 20th and I am hoping things will go according to plan.

This whole trip has been very challenging but also rewarding. We had to stay positive and optimistic but in the end, we got the shots.

Icelandic News: