The last few week have been hectic. A trip to the NW with bad weather partner from Montana to Oregon with no chance of shooting, back in Utah to try to get some BASE jumping but the wind wouldn’t stop blowing but finally, I got to Iceland with Grant Gunderson from The Ski Journal, professional skier Sven Brunso and ski journalist Dan K and we have been getting after it.
Over the last 3 days we have been skiing perfect untracked spring conditons (almost as nice as powder) and got to ski until pretty much 10pm everyday with the sun on the horizon.
We are very lucky to have such good weather. And to top it off, we had a full afternoon of heliskiing today with 6 drops and 5 first descents with Arctic Heliskiing and the help of our guide Jokull Bergmann.
We got to name all of them and got some great shots. Bad weather is moving tonight so since we have it all is the can, we are going to check out the local brewery and hang out at the hot springs!

This country is amazing and this is a one in a lifetime experience. From eating whale steak to skiing virgin peaks, this trip has been very intense and overwhelming.
We are going back to Reykjavik on the 13th to do an interview for the national news normaly and then we are off to Norway to tour the Lingen Alps and hopefully get some ski BASE action!

Check out a little update from a few days ago that just got posted on The Ski Journal’s website.

The Ski Journal: