I got back from Boise, ID not too long ago to shoot the new I/O Bio catalogue. I/O is a yound company with a very promising future. Their products are made from the finest merino wool but they were able to combine it with amazing style, cool colors while creating innovative pieces.

I have been skiing and BASE jumping with I/O Bio products for the last 3 seasons and I have been sold on the products since day one.

I traveled to the French Alps last season and wore the same I/O Bio Merino piece for 2 weeks straight. I traveled with it, slept with it, skied with it, partied with it everyday and guess what? No smell and the feel was the same. The quality speaks for itself so try it out and check out the new products on their website.

Inside/ Outside, you decide… A great company with a great concept ready to explode!

I/O Bio Merino: www.io-bio.com