I would like to formally introduce Pokewareâ„¢ as my new sponsor – a unique software company that integrates video content and contextual advertising.

Pokewareâ„¢ creates an innovative way to monetize Internet video streams by connecting the point of purchase and consumption to facilitate and measure contextual product placements within streamed video content.

As consumers stream billions of videos each month over the Internet, Pokewareâ„¢ creates a new and more effective way for marketers to directly reach consumers. Pokeware generates revenue by dramatically increasing click-throughs and empowering consumers with quick and easy access to more products and information than they ever had.

This concept is a revolution in the advertising and marketing world and I am truly honored to be the new spokesperson of  Pokeware™.

This opportunity has been offered to me by Maryse Thomas – founder and CEO of Pokeware. Maryse is an amazing lady, driven by passion and always ready to shake things up! As a pilot, and a forward thinking and creative individual, Maryse saw the potential of BASE jumping and how this incredible sport can be used for creative content and advertising in general.

If you would like to see Pokewareâ„¢ in action, please open the link below from the New Jersey Nets (pause the video to link to a product).

NJ Nets: www.pokeware.com/njnets