Super Frenchie on 60 Minutes

Nick Woodman was recently interviewed by Anderson Cooper on the show 60 Minutes on CBS.

Look for Super Frenchie in the opening segment of the piece!

It is truly an honored to be featured in this with my GoPro family.

Go Epic with Thule – Matthias Giraud

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The competition runs from September 30 to December 9, 2013.

Super Frenchie at Google Zeitgeist

I just got back from the Google Zeitgeist 2013 event in Phoenix, Arizona and it was an absolutely amazing experience and met some incredible people!

I was truly honored to present GoPro there with CEO Nick Woodman to a very accomplished audience while being interviewed by Morgan Spurlock.

I never get phased by public speaking after many segments on TV but this one got my heart going even if it was only in front of 350 people!

One of the speakers there cured cancer and MC Hammer was in the audience! It was very humbling to be able to talk about my passion for skiing and BASE jumping to such accomplished individuals.

Super Frenchie in the World’s Greatest Daredevils

Channel 5 in the UK gave me a call a little while ago to be on a show called the World’s Greatest Daredevils. It is now playing on Discovery Europe.

I had the honor to be featured with some of the best extreme athletes in the world and the production crew was really fun and friendly.

If you were ever wondering what was the behind the scene of the GoPro Avalanche Cliff Jump or if you missed it on TV in Europe, enjoy the following piece. It’s about 45 minutes long and the avalanche ski BASE is around 11 minutes.

Go Epic With THULE!

Time to Go epic with Thule! It starts September 30th. Are you ready? Enter your videos on to become the new sidekick of your favorite athlete. We need help for our next video!