I have recently started working with GoPro Camera and especially using the GoPro HD Hero. This camera is unbelievable – small, light, great picture quality and easy to use.

Utah was pretty dry until a few days ago so a few friends and I decided to go ski BASE jumping near Park City, UT. The snow was getting thin but we could still send it!

So, it felt like the right time to step it up before the snow was gone. After thinking about what to do and looking at the conditions, I felt very comfortable and confident to do a triple backflip. So, check out the link below to view the headcam footage.

A few days ago, a storm rolled in we got 19 inches of snow at Alta and surrounding areas. I got to shoot with Jonathan Cracroft for a day there and then headed to The Canyons on saturday. The conditions are epic right now and I am looking forward to playing more in the snow.

Stay posted for more updates soon!