Super Frenchie™Jumps the Eiger with Liv Sansoz

After ski BASE jumping the Eiger, I wanted to go back and fly a wingsuit off this majestic mountain.

During my latest trip to Switzerland, I got to connect with professional rock climber Liv Sansoz and we decided to tackle the Eiger together.

Working our way up the mountain by human power was a completely different experience than getting dropped by a helicopter before jumping.

It amplifies the splendor of the mountain and atmosphere. Flying off of it in a wingsuit over the legendary north wall enables you to rediscover its alpine environment with different eyes.

I’m very much looking forward to paying a visit to the Eiger again and again as it is the ultimate playground.

Discover “PLAY” the New Eider Webseries

Follow the Eider team and our adventures with the webseries “PLAY” starting November 22nd.

You can keep up with the episodes through Eider’s facabook page:

In the meantime, enjoy the teaser!

Super Frenchie™ Goes to Jeep Country

Moab is Jeep country! We decided to take the brand new Town & Country Jeep Patriot back to its roots and give it some heavy duty testing to access cliffs deep in the backcountry.

Moab is not for everyone, but it is the place for all Jeep lovers!

Moab: a BASE jumper’s paradise

Moab has become one of the most popular places for outdoor enthusiasts. Mountain bikers, hikers, rock climbers, photographers and campers come from all over the world to experience this breathtaking place.

Its unique topography and geological formations also make it the perfect playground for a BASE jumper with iconic red cliffs shooting straight up on each side on the canyons.

There are literally hundreds of cliff you can jump off in Moab and the canopy flight is generally just as memorable as the jump itself.

I recently had the chance to visit this inviting yet unforgivable land, made new friends and came back with memories that will last for a lifetime.


Super Frenchie™Meets Roner Vision

Erik Roner is a wild man. Besides his questionable driving skills and his habit of throwing babies off cliffs , I had a great time hanging out with him during the GoPro Athlete Summit at the Infineon Race Track.

“At Your Service” from PVS Company

This movie has been a long project and a lot of fun and hard work. For 6 weeks this winter and spring, PVS cameraman JR and myself traveled through France, Switzerland, Oregon, and Washington. We skied some of the deepest snow in the world at Mt Baker, rode some of the most beautiful lines in the French Alps and jumped off some of the tallest mountains in the Jungfrau region. Years like that make you realize how special life is and a trailer like this makes you relive it all over again.

I can’t wait to see the movie and I hope you feel the same.

An Icelandic BASE jumping Journey

After traveling to a few remote locations over the last few years, I have come to realize that only certain places actually become a part of myself.

Iceland is one of those places. Its beauty and power are overwhelming and I hope this video will allow you to share our experience and actually trigger a desire to visit this incredible land.

Helicopter Hang Time

Do you like helicopters? I do too! Here is a quick Viddy edit of what went down yesterday morning.