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Enjoy the first episode of the “Start of Adventure Here” series by Town & Country Jeep and follow our adventures year round from flying wingsuits off cliffs, jumping out of helicopters or skiing deep powder.

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A Memorable GoPro Athlete Summit for Super Frenchie™

GoPro organized the first athlete summit for its international team. Hosted at Infineon Raceway, the schedule was packed with cart races, Audi TTs and Audi R8s. GoPro also treated the athletes to fine wines and food from the Napa and Sonoma Valley region of California.

Guest appearances by: GoPro & WIDSIX Athlete Tucker Perkins and GoPro Athlete Julia Murray

“The problem with luxury is that you get accustomed to it very fast but Jaymo – GoPro Mountain Division Manager – made sure to keep us in check” -Matthias Giraud (when asked about the event)

Filmed 100% on GoPro HERO2 HD Cameras

The First of Many: JT Holmes and Matthias Giraud ski off a 260ft cliff

It’s not everyday that you get to ski off a 260ft cliff, launch a double backflip, and fly away in a parachute.

As I am getting ready to ski, JT turns towards me, shakes my hand, and says, “To the first of many.”

This day was a long time coming; we had talked about this day for years.

This is our first jump together. It is also JT’s first ski BASE jump since that tragic day, March 26, 2009—a date which will live in infamy—JT survives a ski BASE flight in the Italian Dolomites, but his good friend, wingman, and one of my mentors, Shane McConkey, does not.

Even if we are aware of the risks and accept them, witnessing the loss of a friend and mentor is the most traumatic experience a skier and BASE jumper can endure.

But, JT is an example of composure and focus, and he carries on with the spirit of BASE jumping and skiing, that is, celebrating life!

Today, I am incredibly honored to be along his side as he gets back on the horse, the first of many.

Let’s never forget the words of McConkey: “There’s nothing better than sliding down snow and flying through the air”

Welcome back, JT!


I recently got a call from my friend Craig and Shanti. They were very excited about a new viral video that came out called Make It Count by Casey Neistat. After watching the video, we were definitly impressed but also very inspired to make our own Portland version of it. Portland people are all about originality and being different therefore the “Keep Portland Weird” signs everywhere so our version had to be a little out there.

We grabbed all our GoPro cameras, hit the streets of Portland and went crazy. Here is what came out. I hope you like it!


Blue sky, fresh powder and a big cliff in Chamonix. This is why I love my job!

However, the day started with terrible news when I got a message saying that 3 persons died in an avalanche and 2 of them were friends.

My knees were shaking while riding the gondola to the top of Les Grands Montets and the cold temperatures of the early morning climb did not help. I was feeling nauseous and wondering why I keep skiing and BASE jumping when every year I go through the struggle of losing friends.

Every jump gets harder and harder but as soon as I stand on the top on a beautiful powder run just like the one you are about to see, it all of the sudden makes sense. The last breath of air before dropping is so crisp and powerful. As it goes through your lungs compressed with fear, your body loosens up and everything makes sense.

What we do is not a choice. We dedicate our lives to our sport and the mountains because we were born to do it. Living a life of purpose and passion requires courage. Fear is a corral made to keep you safe but life begins once you jump the fence.


Widsix made an extended edit of the 2011 summary which got picked as video of the day from GoPro.

So, to relive some of the intense moments we went through check out the video below!


211 was epic and full of intensity. Let’s make 2012 a great one! Enjoy a little recap of the year by Widsix TV


Mt Hood: Mississippi Head Ski BASE – WIDSIX presents The Super Frenchie™ Diaries with Matthias Giraud episode #9

In this edit, you will enjoy some archive footage of Super Frenchie™ enjoying some spring skiing… going back to the first cliff I ever ski BASE jumped off of: Mississippi Head. I can’t wait to hit that cliff again with the new Atomic COAX 192 and the GoPro Hero HD2